About Cats


In a field not far away and nearer than it’s far,
a team of cats are practicing in Circuslandia.
Props for paws are all set out for them to do their tricks,
Daring furry exploits in a moggy mayhem mix.

A giant plastic foot for them to wrap their claws around,
to then leap from, in unison, and twist back to the ground.
A balcony to jump upon, just millimetres thick.
To see them pad it, so high up, may leave u feeling sick!

No obstacle course of furniture will have them slipping up.
In and out of spring-hinged wardrobes just before they shut.
Spectacular sofa scratching synchronized, covers all thread bare.
Pegs and rubbers, coloured balls, juggled here and there.

Hide’n’seek from room to room in a game of ambush tag.
One minute in a cardboard box, the next in a shopping bag.
Mechanical hands and arms play-fight as, in formation, they attack
Landing in perfect time together, rolling over, charging back.

In a field not far away and nearer than it’s far
a team of cats are practicing in Circuslandia.
Coming soon to your living room, kitchen and much more!
The greatest show ever seen through the cat-flap by your door!

Park Cat

lies on the walkway,
in the sun.
Stretches out on a summers day,
nothing to do or done.

Green eyes stare ahead,
green as the leaves.
Stomach wages total war to be fed
but this sleepy look says all ok as a heat wave heaves.

Park cat doesn’t pose for any photo.

Photographers have to catch that pose.
Birds take a little mid-afternoon bath.
Park cat has them under its nose.

My Cat’s Names

My cat has 6 names.
Initially, having got the first, it became a playful grandiose need for show
after some of my favourites from my hall of fame;
6 names but I could have added more, even so.

Since the early 80s,
Telemachus had always been my choice for any fictitious future cat,
hit upon while studying Joyce’s Ulysses
but now I wondered whether it might get shortened to Tel and I didn’t like that.

That said, it had to be in,
so it was, among the six; Moony Gainsbourg Taylor Telemachus Peter George.
Moony as a tribute to Keith Moon (and Audrey’s ‘Moon River’), his name in short, shortened.
Gainsbourg for Serge, Peter for Sellers and Cook, George for Best and the Beatles’ dark horse.

And Taylor? Tribute to Liz!
Had to get her in there somewhere even if my cat is a male!
So, a bit of everything, but mostly show biz;
And, indeed, my now almost 8-month-old grey-furred star is a class act from whiskers to tail!


Everyone there has a cat.
Some are slim and lean, some are big and some are fat.
Some are white, some are grey and some are black
but everyone there has a cat.

Everyone there goes about their day daily and their night nightly
where things fall heavily or float up lightly
where they let them go or hold on to them tightly
but everyone there goes about their day daily and their night nightly.

Everyone there avoids everyone there.
Everyone looks at everyone behind mirror-glasses they wear.
Everyone folds away a tree and uproots a chair
but everyone avoids everyone there.

Song ‘Moonsville’ by Chicco Fresu (guitar) and me (voice/drums)


Paws and claws paw and claw
the world wildcat web across continents
with felis silvestris likes and growls
in instinctive correspondence;

Lybica posts a picture of captured prey.
Caucasica boasts of having already killed that day.
Jordansi is going through a dry spell
and Mellandi ends speculation with a sniff and a smell.

Tristrami steps gingerly over difficult terrain
and then wants to video it (doing it all over again).
Chutuchta has just given birth and licks her young
sharing the experience with everyone.

Nesterovi has fallen asleep, though still well aware
(with ears tuned in) of what’s going on out there.
Cafra risks her one life online
while Caudata comments that cats are meant to have nine.

Gordoni and Ornate spit hate
while Reyi and Rubida search for a mate.
Cretensis marks out territory, and naps it
while Iraki is jealous of such luxury, and wants to snap it.

As Ugandai nurses wounds and messages for aid
Griselda is on the prowl as daylight fades.
Foxi and Silvestris have befriended each other
but only because they’re too far apart to be a bother.

Now, this virtual world may seem rather unreal.
And indeed it is, but no big deal.
Their trivial pursuit is keeping alive;
Like and share if you’d like the animal kingdom to survive.

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