A Pretty Kettle of Poetry

  • Johnny Minimal

    January 23, 2023 by

    Johnny Minimalnever went over the top.He only went to waragainst unnecessary need. He kept everything under controland kept it all bottled in.A cork in his mouth;He was a man of very few words. He gave his love in small doses.Just enough to keep her going.He never whispered sweet nothings‘Cos nothing sugary was sweet to him.… Read more

  • Mannequin Street

    January 16, 2023 by

    Cracks on wallsbring fears that buildings will come crumbling downwith cries of Everyone out right now!‘cos of no foundations underground. I gotta run for my lifeleaving my life behindas dead guitarists destroy their guitarson screen stage in a rock n roll grind. No one reacts.Nothing is shocking enough.A city of mannequins stare out over rubbleas… Read more

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