The Blacksmith’s Tale

Forged thoughts burnas a headful of nails.My resentments are nobody’s businessTo a mind of anvils. War is no enemy to me.I wage it on wagons and artillery.Jack-of-all-metal-trades, as wheelwright and farrier,I get extra as a horse-shoer. One of the seven mechanical arts,I form a chain with weavers, and agriculture,Hunters, traders and cooks,Masons, and architecture. My […]

Traffic News

In a snap-happy speed-camera cop paradise‘Just Married’ motorists are caught with confetti and riceas, pulling over to the side of the road,The tug-of-war team coach breaks down and is towed. Meanwhile, But I was just about to excuse-makersbecome traffic-warden fined For fuck sakerswith Inland Revenue tax-dodgers on double yellow linesand Monopoly military vehicles landing on […]

Writer’s Block

Readers revolutionaryOr orthodoxPass sentence on yoursAnd you may be for the chop. With poetic justicePoetic licence backfiresAs, rather than dry up,You wax lyrical to your heart’s desire. But little white liesCan blacken your nameAs charged with poetreasonThey rumble your game. While whatever you writeMay be taken down in evidence against youThe public want their penny’s […]