My End-of-Term Report

a little plug (number 15); *first three lines of every verse are from my primary school reports. John has worked well throughout the yearAlthough he tends to dream at times.Often puzzled by new ideas,His poems, occasionally, lack acceptable rhymes. He is beginning to come out of his shellAnd this is mirrored by his general […]

On a Carousel

Morning mourners come to terms with their birth.Toddlers clamber up shoes piled up in the corner of the room;Start school, risk getting into trouble or not, do their homework,and love most things that go crack, bang and boom. Later and well before, flower bulbs are lobbed into the sea.Seeds rain down on seaworthy upside-down roofs.Everyone […]

Foreign Language Birds

A pigeon at the foreign languages facultygoes to seagull classes out to sea.As Flamingoes chip away for their exam in ‘Woodpecker up a Tree’An exchange English crow gets French sparrow tutorials on the streets of gay Paris. Greenfinches studying ‘Parrot’ do their bestas kingfishers get hooked on ‘Gold-crest’.As model eagle students soar above the rest.Mallard […]