Any N.I. number

I wake with a joltBolt upright in bed;Both bell-shaped ears clangingEither side of my metal alarm clock head. Caricatured in a comic-book worldOf sketched in pillow and sheet,I think out loud, as a speech bubble balloons;“Bloody ’ell! A working week!” That ruddy routine and rigmarole;Striped pyjamas stripped off, shave n shower,Clothes, coffee and cornflakes,Breakfast T.V. […]

Samebodies and Nowbodies

Some people don’t seem to changeSome people seem to, or at least rearrange.Some people you see routine.Some people you see you’ve never seen. Funny things these things.Running round in rings.More or less looking for more.Burying what they’ve been digging for. Some people are the same.Some people aren’t.Some people give it a name.Some people can’t. When […]

At the End of the Day

When the children you never borehave outgrown you with invisible tears they would have bawled.When the records you boughtgot scratched, becoming collectors’ items collectors never sought. When girlfriends that became exesrolled down the River Exe.When, over the River Thames in 1986,you missed out on playing pooh sticks. When gold and silver birds dinedon the steps […]

Bright On

Looking for a place with no past devils.A clean slate to start anew.Where the sea washes up and away pebblesAnd where what you might have done you still might do. Houselights glimmering on wintry waters.Lighthouse lights keeping you from autumn wrecks.Summer swim suits on sons and daughtersAnd whistle-welcomes on springtime decks. Everything’s going for a […]