Medieval Castle

She felt down and out of it.Looking out from her look-out post.Everybody, everywhere:Some far-off fifteenth-century ghost. Guests would swear her eyes had moved.Her portrait face, hung on the wall.Behind the canvas, keeping stillOut of sight, she’d eavesdrop all. She wasn’t happy and she knew it.Happiness she’d never known.Not a soul had ever come closeAnd closeness, […]


The mods‘n’rockersgo hell for leather versus parka.A rough‘n’tumble bank holiday beachand the motorcycle rumble lambretta screech. You can’t cope keep controlwhen the tears rattle reel‘n’roll.Your moods at one another’s throats, black‘n’blue,bring a lump to yours too. And the mods‘n’rockers really kick inwhen your head starts to bounce bump‘n’spin.While Elvis the Pelvis sticks in the boot […]