After bottles, vases and jarsOff they go to get smashed in pubs, discos and bars.“If you blow it, that’s it, you see”Confided one glass-blower. The factory carried onbut survival wouldn’t be long.Redundancies got higheras productivity got lower. Laid off workers sankto the bottom of their bosses’ aquarium tank.They cut it so finetheir once diamond vessel […]

The Delicate Little Ones

The delicate little onesTurn upside downInside their fragile little homesGravitating over the earth. Trees, uprooted, lie.Monochrome televisions flickerAs the delicate little onesPut price tags on objects of no worth. The delicate little onesPass on their virusesAnd die little deathsBefore their defences can react. Lollypop ladies stand.Constellations fadeAs the delicate little onesSee family heirlooms ransacked.