Roundheads and Cavaliers

I’m for Parliament. You’re for the King.It’s more important you lose than I win.Taking a stand, there’s no sitting on the fence.I’m for Cromwell. You’re against. Your men, for their cavalry commander, bark.Cocking their legs at Pym, jumping at Charles.Capturing Rupert’s black mongrel, we cut off its lugsAnd make it a Roundhead; A pox on […]

Traffic News

In a snap-happy speed-camera cop paradise‘Just Married’ motorists are caught with confetti and riceas, pulling over to the side of the road,The tug-of-war team coach breaks down and is towed. Meanwhile, But I was just about to excuse-makersbecome traffic-warden fined For fuck sakerswith Inland Revenue tax-dodgers on double yellow linesand Monopoly military vehicles landing on […]

Writer’s Block

Readers revolutionaryOr orthodoxPass sentence on yoursAnd you may be for the chop. With poetic justicePoetic licence backfiresAs, rather than dry up,You wax lyrical to your heart’s desire. But little white liesCan blacken your nameAs charged with poetreasonThey rumble your game. While whatever you writeMay be taken down in evidence against youThe public want their penny’s […]

Myself to Myself

I’m beside myselfMass-producing miniature clones.Papier-màche marionettesThat look just like me. A matching set of gamblers,Gamesters, holding a handful of playing cards.Poker face opposite poker faceI call my bluff. I don’t let on. Fairground mirrors stretchOut-of-shape my figures of fun.With inward-looking in-jokesI mockingly rib myself. By myself; inside my bedroom,Bizarre boredom multiplies.Working on my tiny toysMaking […]

Other people’s pop lives

Jealously unjealously thanking unthanking lucky unlucky starsNever got to make it to that revolving earthquake stage of rubble amplifiers and smashed up guitars.Carrying no cash, cooped up in city hotel rooms, the drugs, the sex, marriage breakdowns and rock ‘n’ roll.That’s the life to look up to, down on, know and not know. Then there’s […]