Promise Me

Promise me you’ll be there ‘til the endOr somewhere near like a fair-weather friend.Promise me you’ll keep your promise safe in your memory bank somewhere.Promise me you’ll break it if you forget the combination. Promise me you’ll bugger off when you don’t give a buggerOr get armed for a hug when we need a hugger.Promise […]

World is getting flatter by the minute

People arguing and breaking windowsbeing carried off in a big balloon and coming to blows.The world is getting flatter by the minutewith politicians in white capes winging itup to the top of their ivory towershot-air propelled by their motions and powers.The world is getting flatter by the minute.Taking sides, falling off the edge opposite. Sleepers-on-the-streets […]

The Street Circus

I watch the entertainmentWith beer in my belly.The woman who has two heads.Her husband who has three.The world’s ugliest twinsAnd the tight-rope walkerWho first fell in infancy. A little later, the midget act endsAnd a midget collects small change.The passionate fire-eaterWho recalls an old flame.The clown who clownsAnd ‘The Amazing Memory Man’Who forgets his own […]