And the people clapped.And the people applauded.And the people cheered.And the people lauded. And the people kissed.And the people flocked.And the people laughed.And the people rocked. And the people cried.And the people called.And the people chanted.And the people bawled. And the people mourned.And the people stopped.And the people thought.And the people dropped.

The Juggler’s Arms

In The Juggler’s Armsthe circus family catch up with their latest acts.The tight-rope walkers walk a thin linewith their boyfriend/girlfriend acrobats. A Sunday roaston a seaside coastthe big-top landlord likes to trumpet and boast‘bout his horn-blowing seal. In The Juggler’s Armstipsy knife-throwers stain their costumes with their thrills’n’spillsas Houdini descendants, disappearing weeklyget out of paying […]


The city wakes upAs cleaners brush their teeth with mops.Yawning tea-spoon people stir a coffee cup.As big hands and little hands turn off alarm clocks. Hairdresser’s open for clients to wait…Their turn to grow their hair.Buses on time arrive lateAs bus conductors pay their passengers’ fare. Fashion designers doodle on sheepskin fleeceAs copywriters’ kids trace […]