Silent Monsters

I hold back more words a day
than I ever say.
Spout off more than my fair share
to people who don’t know me or care
just to entertain.

I go back home, open the door
and close it behind me once more.
Go to my park bench with its personalized plaque
in my sitting room and sit back
and watch the day’s passersby once again.

The moon outside is a little empty head
glowing in the dark as I go to bed
with the whole world wide web as a speech-bubble
with 7 billion mouths presumably in a bit of trouble
to get what they think heard
or get voices they hear not written off as absurd.

Published by aprettykettleofpoetry

I was born in Oxford but grew up in Devon. Then I moved to Italy at 28 where, to cut a long story short, I've been teaching English. I've lived in Cagliari, Sardinia since 1995. For writing, I've been influenced by poets such as Phillip Larkin and WB Yeats and a great deal by music - loved it all my life - especially lyrics. I got a book of illustrated Beatles lyrics at 18 and that got me thinking to illustrate every poem I wrote. I liked that extra ingredient of something visual. I don't consider myself an artist so doing collages with paper, scissors and glue was a great way to cheat a bit! Sometimes I illustrate poems with photos, or drawings and watercolours, and recently a few oil paintings which is very dfficult! I've had exhibitions of my collages which has been an added bonus. First and foremost I like writing. Everything comes from that. Now and again, I think about getting published, and then other things take over! I have written songs with Chicco Fresu too which appear now and again on this blog with the poem.

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